Our Company is located in Xixun Industrial area in the Minghang District of Shanghai,China.Shanghai is an international metropolis and it brings a vigorous energy to Radiate,which Radiates enjoys an it reciprocates by dedicating efforts to the development of  the city.
Our Business scope includes the development,design,and production of precise,innovative and varied Antenna Solutions in wireless communications.We can also provide customers with extensive technical consultation an we also provide excellent Affer-sales Service to our customers.
The origin of our name "Radiate" symbolises the rising sun which bestows glory,happiness and fortune to the land.Our Values are to bring sunshine to our customers.employees,and society.
Established in 2010,our company is committed ti developing the market and constant innovation.With our extensive modern 3416 m² of space,We produce more than 70 million components for wireless mobile devices each year.We look forward to cooperating with you and delivering our promises to you.

Pursue excellence, consistently!


Business Values:People first, Customer oriented, Team spirit, Excellence pursuit.

People first:Talent is the soul of the enterprise. We respect our employee’s value and contribution, provide opportunity for their career development and award them with due return.
Customer oriented:We work for our customers’ satisfaction. We establish our organization, service and values to meet the requirement of our customers and try to create cooperative and win-win surroundings.
Team spirit:People with one mind will move the Tai Mountain. The core of the team works is dedication and cooperation.
Excellence pursuit:The pursuit of excellence and innovation is crucial for us to survive and grow.

Quality Values:Thorough elaboration,Full participation,Customer satisfaction,Lasting improvement.

Thorough Elaboration:We supervise and control the quality of product, strictly follow the regulation and procedure during all phases of production.
Full Participation :We fully participate in the production and quality control process with initiative, creativity and commitment.
Customer Satisfaction:We strive for products with high quality to meet or exceed the requirement and expectation of our customers.
Lasting Improvement:We seek every opportunity to improve technology, quality and capacity in order to win market and customers.